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The ultimate combination

The hottest Javascript framework meets the hottest CSS framework.

  • Production Ready

  • Blazing Fast

  • 30+ Components

  • 6+ Pages

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Conversion Optimized

Build landing pages that look and code beautiful

Production Ready

No need to figure out how to hook up different packages. These templates have everything setup for you.

  • Nextjs and TailwindCSS configured
  • Progressive Web App setup
  • SEO setup

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

The landing page is ready to go for you. It is configured to maximize conversion but you can easily update and move around components for your use case.

  • 30+ Components
  • Easy to customize
  • Reusable and generalizable

Multiple Pages

Get extra pages like Contact, Pricing, Login, About and FAQ.

  • Done for you contact form and page
  • Navigation code setup
  • Extra pages with layout and dummy text

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